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RSPCA’s new magazine – 100% of profits go toward helping animals in need

The 6th edition of The Biscuit is available now! Get your hands on the latest issue, put your feet up and discover the newest tips, tricks and heart-warming stories inside. In this issue, learn to communicate better with your pooch, take a look into the lives of wolves, bears and moose that call Jasper National Park home and see how your four-legged fur babies can become the best man at your wedding. All proceeds go to RSCPA Queensland, helping to care for animals in need.

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The Biscuit magazine cover

This is what our readers have to say:

I would just like to say a big Thank You for the last 3 issues. They are beautifully illustrated & have wonderful up to date information for the whole family (including my 85 year old mum), very enjoyable reading & I am so looking forward to the last issue (no. 4).


The RSPCA’s new issue of ‘The Biscuit’ is a fantastic read for the whole family, there is something for everyone! With a wide variety of articles, from informative and engaging to fun and exciting. I highly recommend this magazine if you’re a looking for a great read about all animals big and small. I can’t wait for the next edition to come out, and will definitely be putting my name down for a subscription!


This is the first time I’ve read The Biscuit and I found the article on owning a pet while renting really helpful. I desperately want a puppy but was finding it hard while renting. But, I’m going to give the tips in the article a shot. Fingers crossed.


Love, love, love this magazine. It’s a great read for the socially conscience.


I had no idea about puppy farms! Thank you RSPCA for speaking up on this and thank you for all you do to save and protect these vulnerable animals.


Has to be the best value magazine for animal lovers and pet owners around!
BIG on variety, BIG on excellent graphics, BIG on educational value, BIG on practical, applicable information! This is a magazine the WHOLE family can enjoy and then file as a reference tool. Libraries and school libraries should all have copies.


Very impressed with this magazine – so much handy information. Great variety of articles. Everyone I’ve shown it to has read it cover to cover. Can’t wait for the next one!


I was really impressed with the quality of this magazine. Well done to the team at the RSPCA.


I just purchased The Biscuit Magazine and I absolutely loved it. So much useful information and great tips and stories as well; not to mention all the cute photos. I can’t wait until the next issue is released!


This is one of the best animal magazines on the market. Can’t wait for the next issue. Valuable insights.


We received our copy of the 2nd edition of The Biscuit, which is a wonderful magazine put out by RSPCA! It’s just as amazing as the 1st, thanks to many hours of hard work by staff & volunteers! There are lots of interesting & informative articles & well worth buying, also money raised by its sales goes directly towards helping many needy animals! 


I love The Biscuit. I learn so much about what’s happening in the world of animals – plus they have the cutest cover models!


In this issue:

  • Interview with Jack Hingert – how fostering left a lasting impression
  • Cat behaviour 101 – mysteries of cat behaviour explained
  • Pets at weddings – let us tell you how it’s done!
  • How dogs learn – for your dog to understand you, understand them first
  • Take your dog to work – see our tips on how to bring your pet to work with ease
  • Keeping ponies – myths about ponies busted and why a pony could be the pet for you
  • Jasper National Park – discover wild animals in stunning Canadian reserves
  • Living with senior pets – what to expect in your pet’s golden years
  • Whale sharks – dive into facts you didn’t know about whale sharks
  • Trial by media – the process of cruelty complaints and welfare justice
  • Wildlife friendly backyards – the answers on living with nature
  • Pet advice: birds – how to keep your feathered friends happy
  • Baby animals – see how these native animals nurture their young
  • Dog column – Flea the terrier shares her morning routine
  • Kids corner

…and more!