Issue 1, Summer 2017


The first edition of The Biscuit for summer 2017. An exciting new magazine put together by a dynamic group of RSPCA Queensland staff and volunteers for animal lovers everywhere – connect with us and find out more about all creatures great and small. Stories, facts and trending topics we can’t wait to share with you.

In this issue:

  • Cool products: The latest and greatest for keeping cool
  • Pets in hot cars: It takes only 6 minutes for your dog to suffer heat stroke
  • Interview with Olympians Emily Seebohm and Mitch Larkin
  • Summer Feature: The best pet-friendly activities and what to look out for when the mercury hits the 30s
  • Contrasting Couples: In our quirky photo feature, we introduce you to unlikely pet and owner combos
  • Animals on the road: What to do when you see an injured animal
  • Wildlife myths busted
  • The power of prosecution: RSPCA’s inspectors investigate some of the most horrific acts of cruelty and neglect
  • Mass adoption events: Find out how these events help more animals get adopted
  • Puppy Problems: With a few simple training tips, you can learn how you can get the best out of your puppy
  • Cats: Indoor or outdoor?  How to keep your feline entertained inside
  • How to keep chickens
  • Why rats make great pets
  • The best pet-friendly cafes

…and more!


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