Issue 3, Winter 2017


The 3rd edition of The Biscuit, a delectable magazine from RSPCA Queensland, is available now! Showcasing why cats make great pets, how bats impact our environment for the better, fashionable finds at RSPCA Op Shops, what life is like for dogs on the street in Nepal and kids activities – The Biscuit appeals to all ages. All proceeds go to RSPCA Queensland, helping to care for animals in need.


In this issue:

  • Product reviews: The latest and greatest products for your pet!
  • Baby bird rescue 101: What you need to know this spring if you find a baby bird
  • Becoming a cat lover: Why cats make great companions and what you should know
  • Guinea pig fun facts: There is lots you may not know about our small furry friends
  • Street dogs of Nepal: What life is like on the streets for dogs in Nepal
  • Australia’s flying foxes: Our flying mammals and why they are so important to our ecosystem
  • Photo feature: Op Shop ‘Til you Drop – fashionable finds for a bargain price
  • DIY projects: How to make dog friendly cupcakes and possum pouches!
  • Kids corner

…and more!


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