Issue 4, Spring 2017


The 4th edition of The Biscuit, a delectable magazine from RSPCA Queensland, is available now! Showcasing the history of dogs and the ancient partnerships between our cuddly companions, holiday travel tips, how to build a sustainable garden, ways to prepare a pet emergency plan and much more! The Biscuit will appeal to all ages. All proceeds go to RSPCA Queensland, helping to care for animals in need.


In this issue:

  • Christmas Gift Guide: Our top picks for the best pet related gifts
  • Sustainable Gardening: How to easily build an eco-friendly garden with Jerry Coleby-Williams
  • All About Goats: Thinking about a backyard pet?
  • Holidays with Pets: Here’s what you need to know about pet-friendly holidays
  • Amsterdam’s Catboat: All aboard the floating feline dream boat!
  • The History of Dogs: Where does your furry pal come from?
  • Ask a Vet: All about Fleas
  • The Intelligence of Birds: Being called a Goose is definitely a compliment
  • Lost Pets: Need some good ID-eas about how to find your pet if they go missing?
  • Caring for Reptiles: Have you ever thought about keeping a snake, lizard or turtle?
  • Sugar Glider Facts: Glide into the life of the Australian, sugar loving possum
  • Pets in Disasters: How to be prepared when Mother Nature has a moment
  • Creatures of the Photo Ark: Raising awareness of endangered species by captilising on the power of photography
  • Tipsy’s Bender: The intoxi-CAT-ing inside story of an alcoholic cat
  • Kids Corner

…and more!


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