Issue 7, Spring 2018


The 7th Issue of The Biscuit has arrived! In this 52 page RSPCA Magazine you can explore:

  • Interesting facts and conservation of our iconic mammal, the Platypus.
  • How survivors of a puppy farm are doing now, almost 9 years later. World Champion swimmer, Tracey Wickham talks to us about how her puppy farm dog has changed her life.
  • Vet Olivia’s desexing mission in Cambodia
  • Litterbox antics – what your cat’s toileting habits mean, and we rate the best cat litter on the market.
  • Hiking with your dog – the best spots and how to prepare your best mate
  • The plastic pandemic – what’s next for planet earth?
  • Pet advice for the smaller creatures in your life
  • Dental care for your pet

And much more…



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