Issue 8, Summer 2018


The 8th Issue of The Biscuit has arrived! In this 52 page RSPCA Magazine you can explore:

  • Top pet care tips for Christmas – the key to keeping pets happy and stress-free during the most hectic time of the year.
  • Dog sports – we list the top activities you can do with your energetic dog to keep their minds busy and their bodies healthy
  • Baby kittens – behind the scenes at the RSPCA saving the lives of orphaned tiny kittens, one foster parent at a time.
  • The Tasmanian Devil – interesting facts about one of our famous native marsupials.
  • Air travel with your pet – boarding a plane with your companion? RSPCA Furbassador Coco is a frequent flyer and shares turbulence- free advice for a smooth flight with your pet.
  • Large animal rescue – what to do when livestock get into tricky situations and need to be rescued.
  • Ask a Vet – we talk heat stroke, how to prevent it, and how to save your pet from the summer heat.
  • Why cats scratch – we uncover the real reason our feline companions sometimes at like clawing divas and how to protect your furniture.
  • Attracting amphibians to your backyard – if you love frogs, this article is for you, to help you build an oasis for frogs in your garden.
  • How to take a great photo of your pet – on your mobile as well!
  • Dog column – Manny shares his advice for happy life.
  • Kids corner
  • + much more!


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