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Subscription Terms and Conditions

Home Delivery Subscription to The Biscuit, RSPCA Qld’s quarterly printed magazine, is subject to the following terms and conditions.

For the Biscuit Competition Terms and Conditions, go direct to RSPCA Qld’s “The Biscuit Subscribe to Win” Competition Terms and Conditions

1. About Subscriptions

  1. Subscriptions to The Biscuit are valid in all states and territories in Australia. A subscription provides the Customer with a quarterly printed Edition of The Biscuit delivered via Australia Post to the customer’s nominated delivery address. Subscriptions include free postage.*
  2. Delivery to addresses within security apartments or office buildings is subject to delivery capability. A Subscription may be discontinued if distribution services cease to be available. The customer will be notified and given a pro-rata refund, if applicable.
  3. Subscription delivery will start following receipt of payment, beginning with the current issue. Australian customers will receive their issue within 14 days.
  4. If you experience delivery delays or other difficulties, or you would like to change your address or other delivery information, please email Subscribers of The Biscuit in non-metro areas may be subject to longer delivery times.
  5. Subscriptions are ongoing and at the end of the subscription period, you will be charged for another subscription of the same duration.
  6. To prevent a subscription from renewing automatically, you need to cancel your subscription via your account or contact us.

*Price and free postage is for Australian subscribers only. For international subscriptions, please contact RSPCA QLD for more information.

2. Processing and Payment

  1. RSPCA QLD will process your Subscription purchase as promptly as possible. Your payment details must be verified before your Subscription can be activated.
  2. Subscription payments can be made by Credit Card, Money Order or Cheque. Subscriptions payment details must be posted to:
    RSPCA QLD – The Biscuit,
    Locked Bag 3000,
    Archerfield BH QLD 4108
  3. If your initial payment authorisation is revoked, your subscription will be terminated. We reserve the right to reject any subscription order or purchase at any time.
  4. Payment will be attempted upon automatic renewal of your subscription via the same payment method and details you provided with your initial payment. Should you not wish for this to happen, you must cancel your subscription via your account before renewal, disable the Auto Renewal toggle box in My Account, contact us, or remove your payment details from your account.

3. Pricing

  1. Subscriptions are to be paid upfront and in full for a minimum of 12 months.
  2. Prices quoted for annual subscriptions, AU $23.80, are in Australian dollars and are GST-inclusive.
  3. Rolling Credit Card deductions will be made from your nominated credit card every 12 months. The authority to debit your card every 12 months remains valid until you notify RSPCA QLD that you wish to cancel your Subscription by contacting RSPCA QLD Customer Service.
  4. Subscription cancellation will be effective at the end of our current credit card payment cycle. Please allow a minimum of 7 days prior to your subscription end date to notify us of your cancellation.
  5. Subscription prices may be changed by RSPCA QLD from time to time. Price changes will be communicated with at least 14 days’ written notice and will take effect from your next billing date after the notice period. If you do not wish to continue your Credit Card Subscription at the revised price, you may cancel your subscription by contacting RSPCA QLD Customer Service at least 72 hours before the end of your current direct debit pay cycle.
  6. For subscription purchases made with a discount coupon code, the discounted price will only be valid for the first billing cycle (12 months). From the next billing cycle onwards, the subscription price will revert back to the current full subscription price valid at that time.

4. Modifying Subscriptions

  1. Subscribers must notify RSPCA QLD directly to make any changes to their subscription, including, but not limited to, cancellations, changes of address and any other changes to their subscription.
  2. If at any point you wish to have your magazine redirected to a new address within a deliverable area, you will need to contact RSPCA QLD via email or phone 07 3258 5660.
  3. Your Subscription delivery address can be changed by giving RSPCA QLD at least 7 business days’ notice. You must inform RSPCA QLD directly of any change of address.

5. Cancellation

  1. You must contact RSPCA QLD Customer Services to cancel your subscription. You can contact by phone on 07 3258 5660 or by submitting a request online at Subscriptions are not refundable, and there are no part refunds for any outstanding issues in the subscription. When you cancel, you cancel only future charges associated with your subscription. Once cancelled no further debits will be made on the card and the customer’s account will simply expire at the end of the billing period for which payment has already been received.

6. Your Privacy

  1. You agree that your name, address, email address, year of birth, postcode, gender and telephone/mobile number will be collected and stored by RSPCA QLD. Your information will be used for the purposes of filling your subscription, communicating with you about your subscription. The RSPCA may also use your details to notify you about other products, services and promotions that we have to offer.
  2. Information on how we handle your personal information is explained in our Privacy Policy at

7. Your Obligations

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient clear funds available in your account to allow a debit payment to be made in accordance with a direct debit request.
  2. It is your responsibility to notify RSPCA QLD if your magazine is not being delivered.
  3. It is your responsibility to report to RSPCA QLD if magazine deliveries continue to be made and/or payments continue to be deducted, if you believe a cancellation should have been processed.
  4. It is your responsibility to check your account statements to verify that the amounts debited from your account are correct and notify RSPCA QLD if you believe you are being billed incorrectly.
  5. RSPCA QLD will not refund past subscription payments if a subscriber has failed to contact RSPCA QLD directly to cancel, or to report unexpected debits or non-delivery.

8. Disclaimers

  1. You agree that any errors made in entering your contact information and order details are your responsibility and RSPCA QLD is not liable for any consequences that may arise as a result of such errors or incorrect information, including but not limited to sending the subscription to the address as notified by you. If you change your address or any other relevant details or do not receive your subscription, you should notify RSPCA QLD by calling 07 3258 5660.
  2. To the extent permitted by law, RSPCA QLD is not liable to you for any loss or damage incurred by you in connection with your subscription, whether direct, consequential, special, indirect or other loss or damage. In any event, RSPCA QLD maximum liability to you is limited to the value of the subscription fees paid within the previous twelve months.

9. General

    1. You acknowledge and agree that you are entitled to purchase a subscription from RSPCA QLD for personal use only. You agree and acknowledge that subscriptions cannot be exploited for any commercial purpose, including on-selling your subscription to any third party. Despite this, RSPCA QLD may, at its sole discretion, offer multiple copy subscriptions to certain organisations. Such wholesale subscriptions can be arranged by contacting RSPCA QLD directly.
    2. You acknowledge that these Subscription Terms and Conditions may be modified by RSPCA QLD from time to time, including but not limited to terms relating to fees and charges, cancellation and changing subscriptions. You agree that you are responsible for regularly reviewing these Subscription Terms and Conditions and your continued use of the subscription constitutes your acceptance of any such modifications.
    3. You will be notified of any changes to these Subscriptions Terms and Conditions by RSPCA via your nominated email or by written confirmation to your nominated postal delivery address.
    4. For The Biscuit Terms and Conditions please visit:

10. Definitions

In these terms and conditions:

  1. RSPCA QLD“, “we” or “us” means RSPCA Queensland Inc. ABN 74 851 544 037 (RSPCA Qld), publisher of The Biscuit.
  2. “Subscriber”, “Customer” or “You” means a person who is a subscriber to The Biscuit.
  3. A ” Subscription” means a standard fully paid subscription to RSPCA Qld’s The Biscuit Magazine taken up directly with RSPCA QLD, and for which these terms and conditions apply. A Subscription includes all parts and sections of the publication deemed part of the publication for home delivery in your area; this may change from time to time in accordance with RSPCA QLD’s reasonable logistics and operational requirements. A Subscription may be made by credit card payment, Money Order or Cheque, which is an upfront yearly payment.A rolling Credit Card Paymentmay also be made, which is an ongoing subscription where RSPCA debits the cost of the subscription from your credit card.
  4. “The Competition”, means The RSPCA QLD ‘The Biscuit Subscribe to Win’ Competition which is run and operated by RSPCA QLD, of, Wacol, Qld, 4076.
  5. “The Promotion Period”, means the time in which the competition will run to and expire.

11. Promotions/Offers

The Biscuit ‘2 FOR 1 GIFT OFFER’ Terms and Conditions

The RSPCA QLD ‘2 FOR 1 GIFT OFFER’ (The Offer) is run and operated by RSPCA QLD, of Wacol, Qld, 4076.

The Offer entitles eligible subscribers to an extra Annual Subscription to The Biscuit Magazine at no charge. This Gift Subscription will expire at the end of 2020.

The Offer listed in the physical copy of The Biscuit Magazine, Issue 12, is valid from Wednesday the 13th of November 2019 until January 17th 2020 (“the Promotion Period”).

Annual Subscriptions to The Biscuit Magazine received by mail by Friday 17th of January 2020, are eligible to receive The Offer. All subscriptions received after this date will no longer be eligible for The Offer. Mail subscribers must tick ‘Yes! I want to get two annual subscriptions for the price of one’ to be eligible.

RSPCA Qld will contact mail subscribers who have opted into The Offer to receive the postage details for the free Gift Subscription.

Annual Subscriptions to The Biscuit Magazine received online using the Promotional Code by Friday 17th of January 2020, are eligible to receive The Offer. All subscriptions received after this date will no longer be eligible for The Offer.

RSPCA Qld will contact online subscribers who used the Promotional Code to receive the postage details for the free Gift Subscription.

Eligible subscribers of The Offer will have their paid and free subscription posted to their chosen addresses within a week of RSPCA receiving the order. Subscriptions may take two weeks to arrive by mail, depending on location.


These terms and conditions were last updated November 2019.